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Radeon Setting is too easy to open websites accidentally.

Question asked by amdsucks on Nov 10, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by drallim

This is not a question, but a feedback for Radeon Settings, since I cannot find other ways to submit a feedback to AMD.


When "Radeon Settings" is launched, like freaking 80% of the area is mapped to open a website. The giant content area opens "Radeon™ Software Technology" page when clicked, The top-left AMD logo, which I thought would make the application go back to the home (top) screen, opens AMD's homepage when clicked, and other small icons mostly open AMD websites.


I have opened the "Radeon™ Software Technology"  page countless times by mistake. It is just too huge and prone to be misclicked. Sometimes when I started Radeon Settings, the application window is translucent white showing nothing. Even in this state, if I click the window, it openes the "Radeon™ Software Technology".


I don't know, there might be some people who frequently opens the "Radeon™ Software Technology" using Radeon Settings, but can't AMD redue the link area? Instead of making the whole screen clickable, how about adding a "Visit Radeon home page" hyperlink below the "REDESIGNED. REDEFINED..." line?


PS: Also, please don't move the top navigation bar... It is very confusing and unintuitive. I have not yet seen any other websites or applications that move the navigation bar like this....