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Is My R9 380 Dying?

Question asked by usb on Nov 9, 2019

So it looks like my GPU has kicked the bucket, or has it? The card in question is an R9 380, up until recently it was doing great, however it has now decided to start artifacting, the interesting part was that it does it intermittently. Prior to focusing on the GPU I ran the RAM through Memtest, 4 passes and 0 errors.

When the PC boots it decides if it wants to work or not. Some boots no issues, others artifacting and crashing. So after DDUing the current drivers, I went back one version, still the same issue, went back another version, again, same issue.

Artifcating whilst trying to sort the issue got annoying so ended up using onboard graphics to help.

Booted in to a USB of Ubuntu, no artifacting at all. With no drivers installed on Windows, no artifacting, using GPU as video output.

I proceeded to install the oldest drivers I could from AMD (June this year), I am certain I didn't have any issues then, however using it now, I am getting artifacting. In this circumstance however the artifacting happens just after boot, black screen and then disappears, prompting a notification about the crash of Radeon Wattman. That's been happening for a while (notification) so I didn't think anything of it.

I've also ran the VRAM through Video Memory Stress Test, with no errors.

Really dont understand why it works in certain conditions and others it doesn't, any help or ideas would be great!