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are my Radeon VII broken?

Question asked by klard_1219 on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by bassmek2

first of all this is my spec :

cpu   : i7 8700k

motherboard   : asus z390i

ram   : corsair dominator 32gb

ssd   : 970 evo 512gb

psu   : corsair 650w

driver : 19.11.1


and here is my condition with radeon vii :

1.after testing game ( apex legend )game : apex legend ( about 15 minutes test run )

i suppose to get around 140-150 fps (Apex Legends AMD RADEON VII | 1080p - 1440p & (4K) 2160p | FRAME-RATE TEST - YouTube )


but i only get around 55-60 fps.


2. im not expert by any means, but if i see other people Radeon VII in youtube like the links above. their gpu clock are stable and higher than mine.


3. this is brand new pc i built from my self.


now the question :

1. are my gpu broken / defect?

2. what is the solution besides RMA?


thx before