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HD 7870 black screen: Hardware or driver problem?

Question asked by fruitsalad888 on Nov 9, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by kingfish

I have a Radeon HD 7870 paired with i5-3470 that has been working well since 2013. Then last week I booted into a black screen.


I haven't done any driver updates at that time. I'm on a Windows 7 Pro system. Booting into safe mode fixes the issue. Disabling the adapter while still using the same DVI output from the GPU works fine, same thing with complete uninstall of drivers and just using the default VGA driver.


As soon as I try to install an AMD driver, the same thing happens: black screen after Windows logo but before the login screen.


My main question is - is the problem likely to be hardware or driver? I'm hoping not to have to spend money on a replacement GPU as I have a new system on the way and I was hoping to keep this as a secondary gaming system. I'm hopeful since using the physical GPU DVI still works and outputs 1920x1080 just fine, it's just when I try installing driver the problem pops up again.


I have tried:

  • Uninstall from safe mode with AMD Cleanup Utility and DDU.
  • Reinstall using the AMD auto update.
  • Reinstall using 17.12.1, 19.5.2, 19.9.2.
  • Installing driver from Windows Device Manager auto update
  • Removing and reinstalling the GPU physically. (It was pretty dusty so I gave it a blow/clean)


Further info on my setup:

  • AsRock B75 Pro3-M mobo
  • Windows 7 build 6.17601 SP1 build 7601
  • Bios v 11/05/2012


Thanks in advance, hoping to get your feedback on this mystery!