Low memory speed generally

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I own two modules of viper steel DDR4 4400 -- currently @3600 14-15-14-28 CR1 used with ryzen 3900x


I have problems with speeds, which looking at references are totally halved.
Testing was done with AIDA64 trial (see picture, missing R/W I added manually)


Write: 28294 MB/s

Copy: 30561 MB/s


and I have this motherboard GIGABYTE X570 AORUS PRO - AMD X570 

Seeing this post (https://www.overclockers.com/patriot-viper-steel-16gb-ddr4-4400-memory-kit-review/ ) these should be around twice faster at the @3600 

What I tried was all sort of overclocking .. numbers raised but I did not exceed 35000 MB/s for read at any speed.

Also, I tried different slots for DDR if there is not something bad. Or tried to remove one .. then other etc. These speeds were not better.

Do you suspect what is bad? I don't believe MB would be so bad at this. Also, I tried much newer bios F10a then get back F5 but without any perf. change.

Seeing this post Low memory write speed Zen2 (3700x)  I think the community here could be helpful. The guy there had a different problem though.