AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition issues.

Discussion created by 13thstorywriter on Nov 8, 2019
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Greetings, for starters i want to say that it's a blessing that i have found this community essentially, because at this point i can only rely on people like myself in questions like this one. I have a laptop, it's a considerably old laptop that runs on HD7850m AMD video card, please save how old it is, trust me I know, but what i am looking is a support regarding my question. After the clean installation of Windows 10 the driver installation freezes in the middle when it comes to installing the driver itself, my laptop is freezing completely to the point that the only solution is hard restart and after that it dead freezes right before logging into the system, i assume something is preventing me from installing this driver (Adrenalin edition version). But there is a twist, slightly annoying twist, if i were to install an older version of the AMD driver, which is Crimson Edition 15.12 specifically, it works just fine and after i installed older version of it i can safely install the very latest drivers without any issues. I've been hitting my head against the wall with this issue and still don't know the answer for, hence why i am posting such a long cry for help if you will.