Most recent Vega 56 drivers causing static after closed lid

Discussion created by armadoodle on Nov 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by atmosphere

I have a Predator Helios 500 (PH517-6) which encounters some issues with the most recent drivers. I installed them because Red Dead 2 won't run without them, as my previous drivers work with one exception - I can't access Radeon settings. For reference, the date on the working drivers is 11/13/2018.

This wasn't a dealbreaker for me, however, after installing the newer ones (19.11.1 and 19.9.2), I found that I'd get the following issue every time I closed and opened my laptop lid. Here's a video.

The only way out of the static is to hold the power button down to turn the laptop all-the-way off. It's pretty frustrating.


Is this a known issue with the current patch? If so, are there other patches that I could try to play RDR2 on? It sucks to have to chose between playing a game or having a machine that doesn't grind to a halt when the lid gets closed. 

Insight would be much appreciated!