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5700XT - 100% Load all games

Question asked by badluckdude on Nov 7, 2019
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My newly bought MSI 5700XT Mech OC is having problems in any and all games.


No matter which game I start, there is a 100% load in the game. Games like "They are billions" "Oxygen not included" "Borderlands 3" and "SatisFactory" where some of them are simple games which shouldn't tax the GPU very much.

Fans start going very high rev (100%) just sitting in menu before starting the game.

In afterburner I see GPU temperature of 80+C and VRM shoot to 113C(max allowable)

Coreclock is about 1800, power usage is up to 200W.


I have tried:
Reinstall Windows 10 with all updates

AMD 19.11.1 (Tried 19.7 before)

Had FreeSync enabled/disabled in Radeon driver and directly configured on screen

Not used MSI Afterburner or other monitoring program. According to this thread 

Enable/disable vSync


AMD 1700 (No overclock on anything)

Asrock B350 ITX (Updated to newest BIOS)

32GB PC3200 RAM

500W SilverStone PSU

Samsung 34" LED S34J550 (3440x1440 75HZ FreeSync)


I had an EVGA 1070 that did the job just fine with low fan speeds (But it died and I had to get a new GFX)


Any suggestions? Really appreciate any help I can get here :/