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Radeon VII Core Overclock Broken | 19.7.5 Last Working Version

Question asked by aliciaburrito on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2019 by aliciaburrito

Hi all,


  • Issue Description: On driver versions newer than 19.7.5 on Radeon VII, core overclocking from WattMan or third party applications no longer works. It also seems that the stock boosts don't go as high either, causing gimped performance. 19.7.5 is the latest version where overclocking still works properly. Latest 19.11.1 does not appear to address the issue.
  • Hardware: Radeon VII | i9 9900KS | Asus Maximus XI Extreme
  • Software: Windows 10 [10.0.18362.418]


This issue has been documented before, and it's likely that it has been reported on these forums prior. I was unable to find anything, so I figured I would report it. You can find the bulk of the discussion regarding this issue here:


Hope this issue is resolved at some point, I'd really like to update to the latest version while retaining my overclock.