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WX 4100: 6 screens possible?

Question asked by cjp2k19 on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2019 by cjp2k19

Is it possible to run 6 screens from the Radeon Pro WX 4100? There are 4 mini-DP outputs, I have connected three monitors directly to the ports plus a Startech MST hub (3 output) to the final port. I can successfully run 5x1080p screens but I can't get a 6th screen to enable in Windows.


These configs work:


3 displays connected just to the MST hub = fine

3 in the hub + 1 direct to the card = fine

3 in the hub + 2 to the card = fine

2 in the hub + 3 to the card = fine

Connecting the 6th and final screen, either to the card or the hub, results in a 6th screen showing in Windows which cannot be enabled.


In the AMD control panel I see this:


"Error: The maximum number of displays that can be supported per DisplayPort connector has been exceeded. To use the display you just plugged in, first disconnect another display or move the current display to another connector."


I have tried reshuffling the setup in various ways to see if it makes a difference, additionally tried these:


2 x MST hub each with 2 x 1080p displays + 2 monitors in the card = only 5 work

2 x MST hub each with 2 x 1080p displays + 1 monitor in the card + 1 daisy chained to that = only 5 work
So I guess the simple question is, should I be able to run 6 displays, and if so how do I get it working?




System config:

Windows 10


Intel Xeon E5-2665