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Lowered memory timings and secondary timings and mhz on RAM. PC feels 6x faster, fps feels twice as high but same numbers. dx12 games stuttering? dx11 seems fine

Question asked by eccentric on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2019 by eccentric

My directx 12 games are stuttering but my PC is super rocket crazy amazing fast right now.

Might be an issue with windows insider slow ring? anyone else got directx 12 games stuttering?

I noticed that when I speed up my RAM and system vermintide 2 became like crazy hard to play and the enemy AI began to be smart and casual rat enemies would hurt me. I'd be unable to complete missions on veteran in full parties with max level players? Was the game always impossibly hard? I used to play on champion or other difficulties and successfully complete a campaign but now surviving a single mission seems very very hard. perhaps a patch from game devs increased the difficulty same day I sped up my PC by like 6 times. my mouse is literally far far more sensitive and responive and fast. I had to lower my mouse DPI settng to the lowest when I used to press the button on top for the highest.

but whats up with all the dx 12 stuttering though? I'd actually noticed it before I tweaked my memory, I attempted to fiddle with my PC because of stuttering. turns out its fixed with running same game in DX11 mode.