Constant performance shutters at random times

Discussion created by ilfate on Nov 4, 2019

I have Desctop MSI X570-A PRO chipset with Windows 10 PRO 64bit with Ryzen 7 3700 and 64GB of memory 

My issue:

Symptoms: The computer seems to have huge performance issues but nothing is running. I looks like the monitor is having 2-3fps even moving the mouse is laggy. Sound does exactly the same it shutters at the same speed and rate as moving mouse lags. Sorry for the vague description, but it really looks strange. The computer as those moments is usable, but it is pain to control…

When it happens

  • It can happen at random times. I was doing something in the next moment shutters start. This is random and I was not able to find any pattern.
  • If I shut down computer and start it next morning it always has those shutters after start. 100% reproducible.
  • Another case how I can reproduce it is to start AMD chipset driver install. The moment I double click on chipset driver .exe it starts. 

And the driver install goes to 50% hangs there for like 10 minutes and then failes with error.  DISM and SFC commands via Windows PowerShell - don’t solve the problem for me.

What I do to fix it:

In each of those 3 cases, hard reset is fixing the problem. So every morning I start a computer and immediately I have to do a hard reset to start it without shutters. And also at random times when I work, I have to hard-reset my computer. This is very annoying.


Because the problem is reproducible with driver installation and it also fails to install I’m pretty sure the problem is with the chipset driver… I installed the previous version of the driver (released in August). Install worked without errors, but I still have constant issues. Please help!

Install stuck for 10 minutes on 50%

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