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rx 580 low fps in cso

Question asked by saman011 on Nov 4, 2019

hi amd community pls helpme


my fps in dead match whit bot or online not differen and no bot 


in bot dead match 


in no bot 


 i ply in online dead match fps like dead match white bot and not have fps like 130 * 200


pls check usage gpu and cpu in game just 50% and not more for more fps


i unistall driver whit ddu and and istall and change windows test win 10 win 7 


my fps max 0 and check cfg file 


i reset amd catalis setting and change power limit go 50+ 


bot did not change


i do not have any problem in another game like asasin creed osysse is ok i have 50 - 70 fps in medium and high


my system 


cpu i5 2400 


gpu radeon rx 580 xfx gts xx 4gb


ram 8gb ddr3 1333


main intel dq67sw


psu green 580a es


thanks for help