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rx 590 not detected , PCIe slot seen as empty

Question asked by vdrc21 on Nov 3, 2019

My setup :

GPU : MSI RX 590 armor 8gb OC

CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 

Mobo : MSI B450m Mortar Max  / used to be ASRock B450m-HDV

RAM : 2x8gb Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200

PSU : Corsair VS650 80 Plus 650watts

Storage : 512gb Intel 660p m.2 PCIe 3.0

Monitor : AOC g2250VWQ6 21.5"


Long story short the GPU is not detected by the BIOS or the Device Manager , when I go into the BIOS with MSI Board Explore the PCIe x16 slot appears empty despite having the GPU installed.


The setup is 1 month old , until 3 days ago I used it with the integrated graphics Vega 11 and the ASRock B450m-HDV mobo and it ran perfect.


I installed the GPU and I noticed I did not have any signal, proceeded to use DDU to get rid of the drivers and reinstall them again , that did not work , I switched in BIOS to use the PEG card not the integrated one , it does not work, eventually I went to a repair shop for a quick diagnosis , my GPU works fine on another test computer , but any GPU that was put into mine did not work thus the diagnosis was : faulty PCIe slot.


After that I got the MSI b450m Mortar Max becouse I wanted to upgrade sooner or later to it anyway and was going to send the other mobo in for warranty service.


Now , I just got the Mortar Max a few hours ago , rebuilt the PC , and still while setting up windows there is no signal from the GPU only the iGPU.


I started doing the whole drivers thing again , clean install of the OS ,  I swapped out the M2 for a normal SSD to see if it works (the 2nd M2 does not work if the 2nd PCIe slot on the mobo is used , despite not using those figured to give it a try) still nothing.


Everything sits flush the power cables are connected the fans on the GPU are spinning , as I mentioned above in the test PC at the repair shop the RX 590 worked.


The problem is that I cannot make it so the PCIe slot and the card in it to be seen by the system , on 2 motherboards already.


Is there something I missed? This wouldn't be the first time i'm stupid


Thanks in advance