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Radeon VII, Linux Mint 19.2 ... how to configure? many problems

Question asked by cerebral_malfunction on Nov 3, 2019

Just bought a new computer. Ryzen 5 3600, Radeon VII, MSI x470 Gaming Plus motherboard

Running Linux Mint 19.2, I have tried several kernel versions and several drivers, I don't know how to determine which drivers I have running atm.

Firstly, OpenCL poor performance and bugs.

Luxmark's hotel scene gets a score of 3500 on the Radeon which is bloody awful (other Radeon VII users report at least 6900, up to 7300 ish). Blender Cycles is performing roughly %50 slower then my GTX 1050, and worse it is giving strange NaN pixels that don't show up on the 1050 with the same build and the same project file.

Also webgl is broken in firefox, i can force webgl 1.0 but webgl 2.0 just won't work.

memtestCL didn't find any problems and the checksum in luxmark didn't report a problem either so I'm %90 sure the hardware isn't physically damaged at least. I have run rocm-smi while cycles and luxmark are running, fan and temperature and power and clock are all much lower then i would expect, but I have confirmed it IS rendering on the GPU and not the CPU.

What the hell has happened here?? What's the best way to clear out my whole graphics driver stack and replace it with the "recommended" stack? (ideally without reinstalling linux completely) and what IS the "recommended" stack?

PS: my USB soundcard also exhibits crackling which it doesn't on the other computer under the same OS. spent about a week trying to fix just that, no dice. I'm gonna blame the GPU for that too for now since it's the only real X factor in this system.