5700xt causes Windows(7) color calibration to stop working.

Discussion created by moshimo on Nov 2, 2019

I just installed a new 5700xt and uninstalled/reinstalled(DDU) the 19.9.3 driver(same drivers i used before), and it caused my Windows color calibration to stop working completely. I can open the calibration, but dragging the sliders doesn't change anything.




I have some ICC profiles set up that worked perfectly fine with my previous GPUs(all AMD), but when i apply them nothing happens. These sliders in Radeon Settings work for some reason, but are lacking individual color options. Changing the default profile in color management does nothing. Trying to change them from here also does nothing.

I've tried using a calibration program(Calibrize) and also tried different driver versions, no luck.


 short video of my windows color calibration with my 5700xt installed. I set the gamma to 0, and the RGB sliders to 0, monitor doesn't change at all. 






I've also since reinstalled my old GPU(hd7970) and my windows calibration is back to normal, working as expected. Same driver version(19.9.3)