2400GE / Vega 11: Wrong color gradations, hard edges, banding

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Hi everyone,



a rather weird problem. A brand new Lenovo ThinkCentre with AMD Ryzen 5 2400GE / Radeon Vega Graphics has a problem with color banding (I hope this is the correct term) when using the AMD driver. It cannot produce soft gradients and instead shows hard edges. This will not occur when using the default Windows 10 non-AMD graphics driver. 



I will append images at the end of the post to make it very clear. The display used is a brand new HP Z32, 10 bpc.



Things I already tested:


  • Using Display Port or HDMI makes no difference
  • color depth is set to 10 bits per channel within the AMD Radeon settings app, display supports 10 bits per channel. No difference with 8 or 6 bits per channel.
  • All color settings are set to default withing Radeon control panel, no alterations to color, alpha or gamut settings
  • Not software dependent: behavior can be reproduced in browsers (e .g. with CSS shadows), Photoshop (8, 16 or 32 Bit per Channel) and any other software
  • Pixel format is set to Full RGB within Radeon settings app 
  • I already wiped the AMD driver many times with the software provided by AMD support befor reinstalling - no change
  • when uninstalling the AMD driver, the error is instantly gone
  • when installing the AMD driver either manually or via Windows device manager, the error is instantly present
  • tried different versions of the AMD driver, no change in the faulty behaviour
  • BIOS of he ThinkCentre PC is the current version
  • Windows 10 Pro, 1903 (18362.418)



Now let me post two images, one with the AMD driver installed, the second with Windows default drivers. You can see the hard edge on the shadows in the first image whereas the second image is as it should be. I cannot produce soft gradients with any software withe the AMD driver installed. As I do graphics for my business on this machine, this is a problem.




Hard edges/banding at the drop shadows, AMD driver:


Hard edges on gradients




Correct behaviour, same settings Windows default driver:
Default driver




I'm very experienced when it comes to graphic cards but currently I'm lost. Any help is appreciated!