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RX 580 Losing Signal

Question asked by envy1400 on Nov 2, 2019
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Back in February, I purchased an MSI RX 580.  Right from the get-go, when just browsing the web or using a resource light application, my monitor would be begin to flicker before finally turning to a colored static.  The weird thing is, I had 0 issues playing games such as Resident Evil 2 Remake or Valkyria Chronicles 4.  But I DO have issues playing games like Enter the Gungeon or A Hat In Time.  I did RMA the card and received a ( I think ) refurbished card.  Same issue.


Usually what happens is the monitor will flicker once.  Then a couple more times.  Then a long flicker before finally going to the colored static.  Turning the monitor off and on immediately resolves the issue for a little bit.  I have also experienced a flickering where the screen appears smaller and near the top left of the screen but that does not always result in the colored static.  


I was able to play a hat in time for a while this morning.  The screen went to colored static twice but power cycling the monitor fixed the issue for probably 40 minutes or me each time.


I am using a DVI cable.  I think I tried an HDMI cable at one point but I will try that again.  



RAM:2x4GB Vengence DDR3 1600MHz

MoBo: MSI Z77A-G45

CPU: i5-3470

PSU: LSP-750 Watt

Monitor : ASUS PA248


I think my MoBo and CPU may just be too old to really be compatible ( even though pc part picker said it should be compatible ).  I'll probably end up upgrading those in the coming months.