RX 570 Armor oc buzzing and crashing

Discussion created by f#maj9 on Nov 1, 2019
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I got this and for a month is was working amazingly. Then enter late August and it would crash under heavy load, making a buzzing noise and turning the screen into a greyish color and id have to hard reset my pc. I aircanned my pc, tested my ram individually, re applied thermal paste to my cpu 3 different times. Its not over heating as it hit ups to 77c max and my cpu ussually doesnt go higher than 60. Sometimes it would be a different color on my screen like green or red covering the whole screen. I highly doubt it is the power supply as it is brand new and i have plenty head room based on wattage. Ive used ddu countless times, one time i downgraded to an update for the gpu drivers from late july and it was working, butnext day it stopped working. Its only been getting worse and now im using integrated graphics as even having the gpu installed doesnt let me run windows because it crashes instantlly. Every component is not even a year old and is in very good condition. Any advice? Is it possible to  send to amd without warentee to get it fixed at a cost? Should I go to a computer repair shop to get it fixed or at the very least checked out for free?


My Specs:




Ryzen 5 2400g w/ stock fan


Corsair cx 550 silver


RX 570 Armor OC 8gb


Kingston A400 120gb ssd


2x8 Corsair vengence 2400mhz


MSI B450m pro-m2