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Ryzen 5 3550H overheat and throttling on Linux

Question asked by leonmaxx on Nov 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by leonmaxx

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I and many other owners of Asus FX705DY / FX505DY (with latest BIOS 313) have problems with Ryzen 5 3550H CPU overheat on Linux. When CPU is under load and it reaches temperature over 80° C - CPU will throttle to 399MHz and will stay at this frequency until reboot.



I tested multiple Linux distributions: CentOS, Fedora, Manjaro  - CPU throttles on all of them. To exclude HW problem I also tried Windows 10 - no CPU throttling, so it's not hardware problem, but I can't use Windows for my Job.


Thread on Manjaro Community forum: Perfomance throttle on Ryzen 5-3550H+AMD RX560X laptop after some use - Hardware - Manjaro Linux Forum 

Linux kernel bugzilla: 203733 – CPU freq stuck at 400Mhz when CPU is fully loaded and video card is used - AMD Ryzen 3550h 

Another bug report maybe related: 204579 – min cpu clocks incorrect in amd ryzen 5 3550H 


If You may need any other info, please ask.


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