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amd rebate

Question asked by bretto2004 on Nov 1, 2019
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I can't find anything about the "bulldozer" rebate or class action against AMD over the FX-8xxx recall on the forums, or, but I did a little digging.


The class action lawsuit is because AMD advertised the 8xxx CPUs as an 8-core processor, but in reality there was only 6 functional cores and lots of ambiguity about cores 7 and 8 and hyperthreading that makes it look like AMD didn't exactly mislead consumers, but they never told the truth either.


Theres a lot of technical stuff that I don't understand but from what I understand if you live in California or bought the CPU directly from (i dont think AMD sells their cpus directly?) then you may qualify for a rebate.


I'm trying to find an invoice but newegg doesn't keep invoice records past 5 years (i mean, why would they?) have contacted  and they have told me the 8320 i purchased does not qualify.


I have received an email from the organization doing the class action about how to go about getting the rebate, but I havn't had time to read it over yet, but it says to complete some kind of form before Jan 20 2020.