zen 2 disobeying power plan, bios settings?

Discussion created by zoulztealer on Nov 1, 2019
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i have a ryzen 3600 here on a gigabyte x570 ud bios f4b, that is apparently disobeying bios and power plan settings specifically such as disabling of "core performance boost", "global c-state control", "ccpc" and "minimum performance state of processor", "core parking".


using windows 10 1903, latest updates, amd chipset drivers and power plans (ryzen balanced and high performance or windows power plans). even as i disabled all settings via bios and power plan to disable things like c-states, core parking, etc completely, the cpu would still downclock and park cores. no matter what i set in bios or the power plan, the cpu just right out ignores it. even with a fixed multiplier core states, downclocking and power saving features will remain active and enforced by the cpu.


i suspect this is due to the bios / agesa microcode and / or power plan. is it safe to run the cpu @4.2ghz with 1.5v on a daily basis instead or will it degrade too fast then? even with enough thermal headroom, the cpu doesnt clock to boost speed often enough. i know this was an issue before and has been patched with the latest bios, but its still not good enough. looking forward to agesa 1004b, which hopefully fixes all of this.