Gigabyte-RX5700XT (VIDEO.TDR.FAILURE) problem

Discussion created by stratistz on Nov 2, 2019
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I have just bought my pc setup, 2 days ago..  

CPU: amd ryzen 3gen. 3600

GPU:Gigabyte-RX5700 XT 

RAM: 16gb gskil

MTB: Asus x470-pro (updated for 3gen AMD cpus).

Ssd: m.2 

monitor: viewsonic xg2530 240hz




When the windows installed and every program took its place, the problem started. 

I download every GPU driver from your site (the 3 last drivers you recommend) and steel cant fix the problem..

#VIDEO.TDR.FAILURE (atikmpag.sys) again and again...


I've seen others people saying the same like me. At the same time except the blue screen unstoppable errors, the google chrome crash, green theme every ware, you-tube videos can't load, monitor and sound problems.. freeze and again blue screen. I try to do every process  in safe mode but the same result error. I disable the GPU and the drivers to see if something else wrong and every think worked with success. 

So the GPU has the problem and more specific the drivers (I think).   


What is wrong?? please give an answer and help, I am a person with moving disabilities and spend the most of my time in the internet playing games. 


Please tell me what i suppose to do.  

Thanks in advance.