AMD RX 580 Code 43 Device Driver not recognized by Windows 10

Discussion created by pilotlc77 on Nov 1, 2019
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AMD RX 580 Code 43 Device Driver not recognized by Windows 10




I could not find a solution on Internet that worked.  Uninstall/Install, reboot, re download drivers, update drivers - nothing worked.




Setup:  2 monitors: 1 on HDMI - an older ASUS VH202, 1 on DisplayPort (DP) - a Dell D2719HGF.




The driver was recognized initially and worked fine.  Then I started having problems with Code 43 showing up at startup.




I fixed problem a couple of times by starting/stopping PC. But I could not figure out what worked.  




Final solution.




Unplug DisplayPort cable, Startup PC with only HDMI monitor.  Driver works fine. Then connect DP cable - system recognizes DP monitor and Driver works fine for both monitors. Awkward, but it works.