5700XT run Autodesk Maya2019 with 4GB

Discussion created by cailiao1987 on Oct 31, 2019
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GPU driver is


19.9.X / 19.10.X

when i open Autodesk Maya2016 or 2019, output window show me 

just half VRAM be GPU is 8GB VRAM


so i asked my friend who have a  Nvidia RTX2080 GPU to open Maya

no problem~~ all 8GB VRAM be used~~~~


Contrast the two image, we pay attention to this line "choosing OpenCl Device XXXXX",

my 5700XT as gfx1010  (what's this hell?)  opencl is 2.1

but RTX2080 still be load as RTX2080....... opencl is 1.2


So how did this happen???  i really don't want to replace my 5700XT, but i had to swich to RTX2070S if this issue couldn't be fix~~~~