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boot image flickering-flashing

Question asked by mare91su on Oct 30, 2019


so i have a problem with AMD cards.

First i had a R9 280,and it was same like you can see in video i attached,then after few years i bought nvidia gtx 1050ti and this problem disapeared.

Not long ago i bought an RX580 nitro,and the same problem come back... 


Problem is when i turn on the PC,all i can see is flickering/flashing (see video)  some random images from last time the PC was on,

that flickering continues until welcome screen from windows.... I'm using an panasonic TV for monitor,and i thinked that is a problem,but when i used nvidia it was all good,so it is only the problem in amd cards. 



 I tried all drivers updating,even new windows installation didnt help


Thank you