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I need some help with my b350 socket AM4 regardless to the Direct  Memory Access  Control

Question asked by x58 on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2019 by x58

Since I bought this motherboard Asrock B350 Fatality k4 Gaming , and since I downloaded the amd chipset drivers via Amd official site, I have been notice that something is weird or wrong with the chipset drivers.(Even with the manufacturer Asrock Drivers)


Example  I have like Generic PCI drivers installed, and also,  most important the (Direct Memory Access Control) appears in my Device manager, but it says: (No drivers are installed for this device. ) And this is affecting my performance with my GPU GTX 1060, cause it is sharing resources with others device such USB, SATA, Audio controller, etc,etc.  And since 2017 till today, I'm having this type of Issues I have use plenty of Windows 10 versions, and Still not clue why is it not being installed the drivers for the DMA?

The thing is I wanted to find a way to make the DMA (Direct Memory Acces Control) in order to be able to bypass the root port, and keep my GPU independent as possible, cause the latency is terrible, the performance is terrible, my system is not smooth, as my old Intel H55M-e33 :/

PD: SORRY FOR MY POOR GRAMMAR, I'm from Venezuela.
Thanks in Advance.
Here is some pictures of the device manager + msinfo 32