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AMD Graphic Card and The Forest Crash

Question asked by chaton on Oct 29, 2019

So When I am playing The Forest my Graphic card just crashes randomly :/ 




Processor: Intel-I7 920 2.7 Ghz  (Overclocked to 3.6)

Motherboard: P6X58D-E 

Power supply: Seasonic 550W Bronze

Memory: 4x 2gb Kingston ddr 3 + 1x4gb Corsair ddr 3

SSD: 2x 240gb kingston

Graphic card: "AMD Radeon R9 200/HD 7900 Series" "Approx. Total Memory 4095mb) Idk what that means but yeah

Windows 7 Ultimate sp1


Game: The Forest

Looks like Drivers are fine and temperatures are probably fine :/

I would share crash report here but I don't know where I can find it.