2700X/B450 Cold Boot Issue I can't Get Rid Of

Discussion created by brucega7x on Oct 29, 2019
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Ryzen 2700X

MSI B450 Gaming pro Carbon AC

32GB G SKill Trident Z DDR3000

750 Watt SeaSonic PSU 

MSI 2080Ti Gaming X Trio


So when I first built this system I had cold boot issues. I thought maybe it was that I had the RAM set at 3000 in my XMP profile and I was reading that for some reason, people were having issues with booting with higher RAM frequency with Ryzen CPU's. Well, even after going down to 2133...still cold boot issues. So I don't think the speed is necessarily the issue (or at least, it's not the ONLY issue). I also read that sometimes if you increase the boot voltage for the RAM, that can fix the problem. Well, MSI motherboards don't allow/ have a setting for that...


Nothing I do stops the thing from rebooting 2-3 times every single time I start my computer before it will finally boot. I'm pretty certain there's nothing wrong with any of the physical hardware, because it runs games for hours, benchmarks fine, etc. Zero issues with the computer outside of the cold boot problems.


It seriously has me on the verge of wanting to get rid of the whole CPU/MOBO combo and starting over...


Please help, I'm at my wits end!