Relive Instant Replay no audio for couple second to the end of video

Discussion created by ardamaxset on Oct 29, 2019
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All my replay videos had audio missing before the video ended like couple seconds or even from half the video to the end are completely silent. I'm facing this problem like month and have no clue whats wrong with the feature.

I assume this could be drivers problems since i had previous version installed that working flawlessly which i couldn't remember because i'm going stick with latest updated one. But when i use common recording feature i had zero issues from it.


Things i have tried:

  • Re-install driver, back to one step previous version and so on.
  • Re-install audio driver and messing with audio settings.
  • Settings Recording configurations like bitrate, audio bitrate, seprates microphone tracks, audio channel, instant replay duration, instant replay buffer and enncoding type AVC/HEVC.
  • Re-install my games.
  • Re-install Windows...

Yet the problem still persist the only thing i could try but most of times didn't work are turning instant replay off, delete replays cache and turning it on again. Then the problem back again if i using instant replay for longer period time.


Cpu FX 8320

Gpu RX 580 8gb

Windows 10 Pro 1903 (18362.295)

Driver 19.9.2 (WHQL) and next updated version also bugged as well.


Sample clip:

Instant Replay No Audio at the end of the clip - YouTube