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Odd Refresh Rate/FPS Behaviour

Question asked by mpw on Oct 27, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by mpw

Hi, just want to preface this that I had this card installed on my machine last week prior to a complete Windows 10 reinstall, and it worked great. It's a new card for me.


Since the reinstall, I get this odd phenomenon where it's as if the refresh rate will change of its own accord, and/or I get strange FPS drops where I did not before. It's the same setup and configuration. I didn't change anything, and all the software is the same. It looks jerky, like jittery.


FreeSync is disabled.


I notice in League of Legends it almost always happens between the 5-7 minute mark (fullscreen, and borderless windowed), and in CS:GO it happens seemingly randomly.


I looked at my refresh rates, and they're set to 144hz with FreeSync and enhanced sync off globally and in profiles.


I also enabled the refresh rate on my monitor to display its value - for some reason it is 100% changing from 144hz to around 127hz.


I notice, too, that sometimes when I restart my PC, FreeSync will enable itself! 


I've already uninstalled these drivers with DDU. 


Any ideas?