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AMD Ryzen 3400G + ASUS TUF B450-M PLUS GAMING freezes

Question asked by papalapa on Oct 28, 2019

My device list:

  • Motherboard ASUS TUF B450-M PLUS GAMING (updated Bios to 1820 at 2019-09-24)
  • CPU AMD Ryzen 3400G
  • RAM Kingston HyperX Predator 3200MHz 8GB * 2 (HX432C16PB3/8 DDR4-3200 CL16)
  • SSD Transcend SSD230S 1GB
  • No VC (only 3400G APU Radeon Vega 11)

Everything works correctly in 99% of a time in web surfing or in games like CS:GO, but I often hang randomly.

Freezing is as follows: there is no interaction with the keyboard and mouse, some of background processes still work, only a hard reset of the buttons helps.


After much torment, I found several situations of stable freezes:

  1. I running ACDSee (image viewer) in a directory with lots of images and wait for indexing ends. After few minutes I have stable freeze.
  2. I running PhpStorm (IDE for PHP development), open project and wait for indexing ends. After few minutes I have stable freeze.

In both cases, I kept the task manager window open and saw the following:

When the computer freezes, the CPU load is reduced to a minimum, and the disk load increases to 100 percent. In this case, before freezing during indexing, the load is average. The temperature of all devices is within normal limits.


Windows Defender asked me to run a quick scan yesterday, and when I start it, it crashed after a few minutes.

Yes, it may look like an idle hard drive, but I did the same thing on three different hard drives (2 SSD and 1 HDD), and everywhere I caught stable freezes.
I changed the motherboard to the same in the store, because I thought that it was the case.
I also tried using one of two memory plank in different slots. Nothing helped. Always the same stable hangs.


Yes, the motherboard was released earlier than the processor. But support for this processor was added in the BIOS update back in May 2019.
Perhaps someone will tell you how to solve this problem? Or just have to sit and wait for driver or BIOS updates?