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Anyone figured out the screen flickering when using dual monitors?

Question asked by vivalamac on Oct 27, 2019

Everything is up to date on my pc (windows, gpu etc)

As like many others I get this really bad screen flickering when using dual monitors. The screen flickering doesn't happen if nothing is touched like the mouse or keyboard (that I've noticed) or when playing games. 

The flickering never happens on the two monitors at the same time. Sometimes when I turn on the the computer it can be on the left and sometimes the right. 

The strange thing is that the flickering travels up the monitor and loops around from bottom to top always.

Don't see the need to post pc specs as it's different with everyone but all seem to get the same problem.

It is Windows 10 and as mentioned everything is up to date.


I have uploaded a couple clips of it happening.

Screen flickering with amd gpu part 2 - YouTube 

Screen flickering when using 2 monitors with an amd you - YouTube 


just to show exactly what's going on.