Ryzen 5 2600 crashed my computer all the time. HELP

Discussion created by gauteh12 on Oct 27, 2019
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Before i start, this was originaly a email to Amd, but it wouldt send so im posting it here. Sorry for bad grammar, i live in Norway



Hey. Amd has lately really gotten on  my nerves. We can start off with me buying a amd ryzen 2600 six core processor. I installed it and everything went well. After a month or so i wanted to overclock it, just a little bit to gain some performance. So i installed Amd Ryzen Master(We are talking about a year ago) and tried finding which setting worked fine. I found one that i tested and it worked fine.

 After a while gaming, my computer would just freeze, and when i booted up again,it had on the same overclock. This would lead to my computer to crash, and get the blue screen if i didnt boot my computer quickly and changing to a lower overclock. So this meant that everytime i wanted to play i had to change this setting or else my computer would crash, and i had to wait for my cpu to cool down. 
After a while i was annoyed by this so i decided to uninstall Amd Ryzen Master, and to my surprise, even after i deleted it, the same thing happened. My computer would still crash on launch. So i had to figure out how to install ryzen master quickly without crashing my computer. After some hours i found out that if i closed programs on boot, my computer wouldnt crash. So if my cpu went over 50% it would crash. I installed amd ryzen master again and started to do what ive did earlier.
 I stopped playing lately, but when i got on today, Amd Ryzen Master couldnt start. I found out that it had come a newer version. So i installed the newer version. But when i started the installer, it immedeantly shut down, and it does this all the time. So now im stuck without Amd Ryzen Master and have to watch out for my processor to not go over 50%. Which means i cant play any games or launch some programs! 
ALL i need is help how to solve this issue, so i can play games on my expensive computer. If that means getting a new Cpu it would suck since i cant afford one.