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Is there a newer AMD_SATA driver for Windows 10 that can prevent the sata port resets from cycling continuously?

Question asked by drtechnical on Oct 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2019 by amdmatt

When I utilize the only AMD_SATA driver on my desktop with Windows 10 (on the Insider Program), my computer goes into periods where there will be continuous resets on the SATA port.  This will last for long periods, but will eventually end, only to happen again after an indeterminant time.  The effect of these continuous resets is that my disk activity light stays on continuously and it will take FOREVER to get my computer to shutdown or restart.  This is especially frustrating when trying to do an update, which usually requires a reboot.

I checked on some of the Windows support forums, and the only solution I found was to replace the AMD_SATA driver with the generic one that comes from Microsoft.  That will return my PC to good operation, but the next time an update occurs, the SATA driver gets reset to the AMD_SATA driver and I'm in trouble again.

I've attached a screen print of my Device Manager entry from the AMD SATA controller, showing it using the AMD driver v1.3.001.0276 which has passed Microsoft's hardware compatibility tests.

Is there a later version of this SATA driver for the AMD SATA controller that I could try installing?