RX 590 Fatboy, High FPS, but stutter

Discussion created by sircoconut on Oct 26, 2019

As already metioned in the title, I have high FPS(at least above 60) in many games, but after some time (usually about a minute) of playing, the game begins to "Stutter". The FPS remain high though. Happens in GTA V and Rainbow Six Siege, but also other games.


What I´ve tried so far:

All drivers updated

run pc in dual ram

setting everything to low (ingame aswell as in the Radeon settings)


My Setup:


Ryzen 5 1400

RX590 Fatboy 8GB GDDR5

GSkill 2x4gb/2x4gb+8gb 2400mhz

1000GB Crucial P1 M2 SSD

1000GB Toshiba HDD


I hope, anyone can help me.

Thank you!