Forum need a major overhaul

Discussion created by goodplay on Oct 26, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2019 by andydudes

I"ve been silent for many months ( except for one major spamming points issue, still not fixed), its about time this forum got back to old days where,

Getting so sick of Nvidibots (would love to name & shame, you know who you are) posting/helpful//likes/linking support, who's only purpose is to derail threads. 

Something needs to be done to bring the forum back to the old days where offering help wasn't overridden by nvidibots.

Want proof, I will supply many instances of a particular user spamming up to 999 points on given day for 2-4 replies to posts (i'm sure some of the other long time users were also receiving repeated notifications from this user (known to have NV card, at the time).


We need to get back to AMD users helping AMD users, I have some suggestions i'm willing to PM after consult with other genuine AMD forum members (and current Mods).

Maybe time to get third party/contract forum bring down the BFHammer (you should lock that username and/or derivatives for Mods only). 


Lets get back to AMD users helping AMD users.