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TR 1950x 3.4 across all cores 100% load. Otherwise 2.36-4.12...

Question asked by papalati on Oct 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2019 by misterj

Long-time reader, first-time poster... 


I just can't seem to figure this issue out and I'm sorry if it has been asked millions of times before, I did search the forum first before asking. 


Under normal operation, the clock reports at anywhere between 4.12 and 2.36 depending on activity. Activities include, but not limited to moving in and out of programs or doing normal workloads the CPU averages around 3.71. Idle it will drop to 2.36 because of the power profile Ryzen Balanced. If set to High Performance it runs at 3.69-3.71 on average. 


But as soon as the processors are tasked with something like Cinebench or doing a rendering job in Maya, the clock speed instantly drops to 3.4 across all cores until the job is done. No matter the power mode setting it does this. 


I've attached snapshots showing this.


TR 1950x - Most settings to auto.

Noctua NH-UHS14S in Push-Pull Config

Asus x399 Strix

64GB HyperX 3000 15-17-17-38 - Set to DOCP
Samsung 970Evo NVME

Geforce 1080ti

Seasonic 1000w Platinum 

Windows 10 Pro


Thanks for the help.