just curious as i am new to amd graphics cards

Discussion created by strixuk on Oct 23, 2019
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hi all


as the title says i am just curious and not familiar at all with how amd do their drivers as i've just recently made the switch over from nvidia  (gtx 1070 strix to rx 5700 xt gaming x)


nvidia have already released a new graphics driver for the new call of duty modern wafare and they always do in time for new games, when do amd usually release their drivers for new games as theres nothing as of yet


one more question i have is on the radeon settings icon thats near the time/date bottom right on the taskbar if there is a new driver will i get some kind of symbol on it so i know theres a new driver, nvidia used to do that which helped in knowing theres a new driver


thanks guys thats all..... p.s i'm enjoying my rx5700xt experience! #teamred!