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5700XT Windows 10 Black Screen Flickering

Question asked by stroibot on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by furkannarli6

Hi, I've recently build PC on AMD (Ryzen 7 3700X and 5700XT) this is my first PC ever build on AMD and I was happy until I've installed drivers for the GPU. When installing it I've got Black Screen for few seconds every few seconds (so the image was appearing for the fraction of the second) and I thought it was ok when installing drivers, because I can remember that you are also getting black screen when installing Nvidia drivers (though not that many times, and I mean A LOT LESS). Anyway, I waited some time (really long time) and I thought that it was a bit odd that drivers took so long to install. I rebooted my PC and the Black Screen Flickering still was going on... So, I wanted to reboot my PC in Safe Mode and started to try to do it (again, I had only a fraction of second every few seconds to see what was going on on the screen). It was pain in my booty. Finally, I've entered Safe Mode and tried to delete drivers that I've installed, but couldn't. Anyway, after an hour or so of struggle, I've decided to unplug and plug HDMI and... That worked! Yay!

If this only was a permanent solution, still, some time, after booting my PC or randomly in games/desktop I get this... Thing and I have to do this magic trick with HDMI and this is not good nor acceptable! Any fix on that?


P.S. Some background info, yes, I do have latest version of Windows 10, latest version of AMD drivers, etc, etc.