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5700 XT Audio cutting out

Question asked by buckfutter9001 on Oct 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by buckfutter9001

5700 XT, 3600, X470 Hero, Win 10, 19.10.1     Pioneer Receiver Lx102  


Audio cuts out frequently and randomly when playing music or video on Winamp, chrome, MPC, etc. However, the audio stream is perfect when playing a game. I read somewhere that the clock speeds are too low on the 5700 at idle, so I ran Furmark in the background while I played music and video, and sure enough, running Furmark in the background fixed the audio.     


I tried some other fixes I saw on the internet. Tried switching to HDMI. Tried other ports. Tried turning of the audio controller in Bios. I didn't have this problem on my old Win 7, x58, i7 940, r9 Fury set up.     


Furmark is obviously not a solution.  Any ideas? I'm pretty close to returning this card.