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Upgrading/changing windows having effect on GPU usage.

Question asked by shinkojiro on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2019 by shinkojiro

Something I've experienced is when upgrading to a new windows build, installing all drivers etc, gaming performance is often lower as GPU usage will never get anywhere near 100%.


In more extreme cases, theres barely 10% gpu usage at all with some windows builds (Looking at Insider preview 19002 and 19008). 18999 had no issues till I went to either of those.


Now, reinstalling windows and upgrading to 1909 build instead, its better than those two fast builds, but GPU usage in the same game I was playing prior to the change now doesn't get above 65%.


I will try continuously reinstalling drivers to see if it has any effect.


But, has anyone else experienced this with upgrading windows builds?