Ryzen 3900X frequency issues!!

Discussion created by adr_tech on Oct 22, 2019
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Hey all, this is an issue that has been happening to me on a few occasions, bur for which I have only been able to document once.


I recently built a system based around the Ryzen 9 3900X, and although I am extremely impressed with the performance, I am having some issues with CPU frequency that sometimes appear.


It is not an issue of boost frequency, as I am not worried about that (I am currently running the stock cooler, haven't found time to build the custom loop I having laying around). It has to do with physical cores locking themselves to an extremely low frequency, which visibly hinder performance. This has happened to me in the images attached, where the first two cores (0 and 1) are respectively locked in a range of 1.6ghz to 1.9ghz. The most intense this as ever happened was where 6 of 12 cpu cores were locked at 500mhz, which was terrible, but a restart fixed the issue.



I do intense CPU calculations for mathematics research and I need as many cores as I can in full speed for that. So when I noticed this I was worried. Hopefully this can get resolved.


Just some notes, I am running the latest BIOS on everything. And my motherboard is the Asus Crosshair VIII Hero.  (no wifi). Here's a detailed parts list


As a note, I do have the memory overclocked, but I have it as the motherboard default set it to, with the profiles the board had. Also note: this a kit of RAM that I verified is compatible with this motherboard and ryzen.


It may be the motherboard BIOS that has issues, or even possible the chip itself is faulty, hopefully you guys can help!


Just as a note: 

Each run of my calculation starts with an initial case (0 valued) and is supposed to be the fastest running. With all cores enabled an full speed, it finishes in 10 seconds. With this slight hindrance it takes 101 seconds. And since my calculation length scales linearly you can imagine that a 10 times longer run time will be an issue if a certain calculation takes 2 hours.