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Flickering problems with Windows 10 (AMD - latest Adrenalin drivers)

Question asked by xavier1 on Oct 22, 2019
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I am having a very disturbing issue with Windows 10 Pro 64 bits, exactly, I have two pixelated blocks in the screen flickering in under certain conditions.

This issue cannot be recorded via a screen recorder software, because the software is not able to record the flickering, I mean, if I have the flickering right now and I record the screen with a video recording software, the software records the screen perfectly without the flickering, so the flickering is there, yes, but it is not captured with the video recording software.

The flickering is happening under certain conditions.

This problem occur when Windows is configured to change the wallpaper automatically "Personalization... Background... Slideshow" AND when Firefox or Chrome is running AND when the browser shows pop up windows. In that case, the flickering occur.

How to solve the problem? Close the current session. Enter again in Windows, and the flickering goes away...

Certain software produce also the flickering, for example Camtasia Studio. This program creates the flickering. Additionally, when I resize the window of this program, I get also a strange flickering effect in all the window.

Please, see this video to see exactly the kind of flickering and when it is happening:



My graphics card is an AMD R9 280 running the latest Adrenalin drivers.

Any idea about how to solve this?