Do I need to upgrade my CPU ?

Discussion created by tapidlittle on Oct 22, 2019
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Hello, I'm new here!


I have a Ryzen 5 2600. I have just replaced my GTX 1070 for an RTX 2080ti.


I have some issues with Ubisoft games, probably due to the fact that they are not well optimized. 

Anyway I am playing on a 4k 60hz monitor (it's not Gsync) and I am not a competitive player.


My PC is 100% dedicated to games, I don't stream and I don't do anything else than gaming.


The problem I have with most of the UBI games seems to be related to my CPU, it's looks like my GPU often don't reach more than 70-80% load, which I think it's not normal. I should get 90+ ....


I was just wondering if my low FPS are CPU bounded...


And would that help getting a 3700x ?


thanks for any advice.