Monitors removing advertising for Freesync compatibility

Discussion created by trueamdclset on Oct 22, 2019
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I have seen other posts on here wondering if or when new monitors will support Freesync and have wondered the same thing for the past 5 months or so. Turns out the GPP program was ended on gpus and shifted over to monitors in a sort of way. AdoredTV on youtube has done a very in depth video and I thought I would summarize on here and share, in hopes that you would share information over to AMD executives, marketing, monitor partners and our fellow friends.


1) Monitors that used to be branded as Freesync now show Gsync Compatible

2) Monitors which previously used Freesync marketing or branding currently show Gsync logos

3) Monitors with whom previously listed the feature Freesync, have no mention of freesync anywhere

4) Many of these monitors now show on Nvidia's compatibility list website


Leading me to believe Nvidia is incentivising these brands and monitors to be compatible with Geforce Cards through software/drivers and Nvidia helping them advertise their product as Gsync verified on their website (requiring Freesync to be removed from product listings). AdoredTV gets the credit for discovering that many Freesync monitors now have no mentions of freesync on their product listings...


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