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Radeon Software crashing after 10-20 seconds of opening & hovering Cursor over it

Question asked by khushvant on Oct 21, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by khushvant

Radeon Software crashing after 10-20 seconds.purchased a new radeon vii from day one the driver are crashing just by clicking some options will crash it, im currently on latest driver 19.10.1 still the problem system specs 2700X,8x2 3200mhz tridentz,sapphire radeon vii, asus strix X-470f mobo,Windows 10,version 1903. once it crashed i have to end it through task manager.please help,EDIT- i forgot to mention this when i open task manger it doesn't show that the RadeonSettings host app is NOT RESPONDING it stays normal but i can't click on it or do anything.CRASHED CRASHED AFTER 10 SEC