AMD RX 5700 xt black screen freezing while gaming

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first of all sorry for my bad english and i hope u guys will understand it.


i bough an Asus Radeon TUF3-RX5700XT like 2 weeks ago, everything was ok at the beginning.

I played like league of legends/some mmorpgs/Warframe and some other games, everything worked pretty fine with no issues.

I downloaded yesterday Destiny 2 and now i have some issues what really annoys me.

In between 3-40 minutes randomly into the game i'm getting a black screen where litterly everything is freezes.

Like no mouse controle, no sound in background nothing, littrely dead.

My Monitor is still getting power and connection, but its frozen.

In titles like Borderlands 3, the same issue. after a while black screen and dead, nothing no response.

I tried everything, FreeSync off, vsync off, setting the frame limit at the amount of my monitor hz (144), DDU the driver and install some older version, littrely nothing helps, im still getting random black screens in titles like Destiny 2 or Borderlands 3. As i said, games like League of Legends/Dota2/Warframe/Vindictus/CSGO no problem, everything works really nice.


My PC Specs:


Intel Core I5-6600k stock no OC

MSI Z170 Motherboard Gaming Pro Carbon

Asus Radeon TUF3-RX5700XT

16 GB DDR 4 Crosair Vengeance LPX



MSI Optix Mag241c 144hz monitor


I'm not sure if the Graphicscard itself is broken or it's a Driver Problem or any other Problem.

I really appreciate any help.


Kind regards