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wattman failures

Question asked by retiredamder on Oct 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2019 by hardcoregames™

My pure AMD system (except the intell lan chip) crashes due to wattman failures way to often. every few hours. The system does not crash when I uninstall the radeon setting package and just run with the drivers, which are current. I am getting very frustrated as finally a game with true AMD radeon support not NVIDIA and at level 47 in Borderlands 3 white static screen and corrupted save file. I have been an avid AMD supporter since working Fab's 10 14 15 and 25 in Austin Tx install and repair of FSI clean and etch machines for 6+ years till the doors closed and was forced into retirement and full disability. Now why with the great machine I am running , can I not get a stable run with wattman installed. Windows reports and unknown error and sometimes wattman reset in flashed on the taskbar, but no reason or even a clue as to why. I am starting to think maybe I have been wrong to recommend AMD to all my gaming and non gaming friends and acquaintances. I have done deep clean install with multiple versions of drivers and the only time it does not crash is when radeon setting is removed. Any one out there have any Ideas. Attached is the  fresh msinfo32  and dxdiag just run while typing this plea for help.