I Need a good fan for a 2700X that fits on my custom HP motherboard (square connection)

Discussion created by dave_id on Oct 18, 2019
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Hello, if you can help that would be great.

here's the thing;

I have an HP OMEN 880-164nf

B350 chipset with a Ryzen 5 2600 inside and a HP generic fan on top of it (very bad quality)

I need to upgrade to the highest possible CPU model which is the 2700X

The 2700X comes with a Wraith Prism but I can't attach it to my motherboard (Higos2) which is a HP custom board...

HP Desktop PCs - motherboard specifications, Higos2 | HP® Customer Support 


As you can see, it's a custom HP solution, I can only use Mounting Brackets  that are in a square shape instead of the rectangular shape of AM4 sockets (4 screws in a square shape, like Intel sockets actually)


So I'm looking for another cooling solution that would adapt to the MB
I was thinking to the  "Be quiet! Pure Rock" or the "Be quiet! Pure Rock Slim"  or any other fan that would fit on HP Motherboards in fact....


thanks for helping.

(I have edited the post to a more accurate description of the problem)